Product Designer, Gazprom neft Julia Muzafarova

Julia (aka miocene) is Product Designer at Gazprom neft, whitepaper.tools maintainer and pure CSS animator.
I am Julia, product designer at Gazprom neft for now and at Yandex for a few last years. I get lucky to able make designs by code. And it’s push me to create whitepaper.tools with my design friends. Also I looove CSS so much, that i started to creating a pure CSS animations on codepen.io/miocene.

20/09/2019CSS Talks

Make a World

Every year CodePen posts the most hearted demos. The last two years the first places are occupied by pure CSS animations. And half of the top-100 about drawing with CSS.
I’ll tell you how to make a world. And maybe your demo will be “the most hearted demo of 2019”.

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